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the fist glasses made out of seaweed

Naoned, the French Grand West glasses brand whose name signifies

“Nantes” in Breton local language, incarnates its spirit in a new

collection called Dôn : the sea goddess.

Who other than this proud and stubborn Breton optician could

be the visionary to hold on to the idea that seaweed can give birth

to glasses? A year of Research and Development, hundreds of

drawings and thousands tests later, here is Dôn, literally coming out

of the sea, with a collection of four eco-responsible glasses models

that contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution on land and in the



Naoned & Breton seaweed


In order to develop the Dôn collection, Naoned has forged agreements

with a Breton company specializing in «blue chemistry».

Naoned was instantly taken by the assertion of algae to be a serious

alternative to petro-sourced materials. Harvested within 250kms in

Brittany, the algae is a naturally virtuous material. Inexhaustible,

quickly renewable and compostable, its cultivation doesn’t require

chemical treatment or water. Its fabrication process is also particularly

low in energy.


Dôn, the sea goddess…


The four glasses models that form the archipelago of the Dôn collection

are Molenez, Enez Sun, Litiri and Banneg. These Breton Island

names pay homage to the sea Dôn emerges from.

The raw beauty of the algae is written in its distinctive veining and

pigmentation. Naoned wanted to create a hybrid combination with

the “matt-ness” of the marine material and the sparkle of a golden

metal to provide the collection a bold elegance.